Are you the average hypocritical SLer?


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I love my avatar because it reflects the real me – slim, sexy, beautiful inside and out. I spend a lot of time and money in making my avatar be what I am. My avatar’s looks are important to me as it radiates my real personality.

This particular lady, who I was dating inworld for a while, never wanted to send me her real picture. When you are with someone for a very long time, you realize that you can’t hide your reality forever. The other person who you know most things about deserve to know a little real details about you as well. At least a picture of your real self. That time arrived in our virtual relationship and after some hesitations, she quietly dropped the picture on me followed by the line:

You have to be really narrow-minded to judge someone by their real looks to love them.

Lol. And that was it.

A lot of people inworld take their avatars way too seriously which is how many of them seem to make peace with their reality. An avatar obsessed person, often inadvertently, transfers their “soul” to their avatar and expects others to respect that while doing the same. Many such people who zone out of their real lives try to find “real love” in a pixel world. A relationship with such a person, no matter how true it feels, is almost impossible to get real unless they make an effort to figure out what’s real about themselves and appreciate that enough to not demand someone to love them mainly in the form of an MMORPG avatar. So much for the real love hunt in Second Life.



“I am not ashamed to say that I am jealous of my kids in real life.”

I am not ashamed to say that I am jealous of my kids in real life. They have everything and so much more fun than I ever had. Especially my daughter (21) who has a great caring boyfriend. Yes I am more than happy for her. But, I am jealous at the same time. I just can’t help it. I want an equally happy life for me too. So, what’s wrong if I am jealous of her love and sex life?

It’s why I love Second Life. I’d be way more frustrated if SL didn’t exist because my SL family is my everything. I have a wonderful husband in SL who makes me feel the best sexually and emotionally. We never met in real life and I don’t care about his real life either as he is very much devoted to our family in SL. The best part is I get to play the sexy young mommy in SL that I once used to be in real life to my kids. I named my SL kids after my real kids and they will forever be babies in SL and my husband and I will forever be youthful that is impossible to happen in reality. It’s what inspires me to carry on. I live for SL.


Do you want to talk about your worst SL experiences that have hurt you deeply? Do you love someone in SL and just cannot express your love to them? You can do it anonymously. Blog Veridical welcomes your Anonymous Confessions about SL. Submit them to

“We exchanged numbers and skyped for hours when my husband was out on trips…”

I am married with two kids in real life. I discovered SL in 2007 during its golden days. I met a real amazing man here back then and we knew we had a special connection. His name was “George”. We exchanged numbers and skyped for hours when my husband was out on trips and the kids were asleep. George wasn’t dating anyone during those months and had no kids.

Sometimes you just can’t control who you fall in love with. George wasn’t the kind of person I ever dreamt of having as a partner but when you love someone you start liking everything about them. I found myself when I loved that man. George was in California and I was in Arkansas and we both knew we could never meet in person. After a couple of years, when I gave up trying to encourage myself to leave my husband for George and move to his place in California with my kids, we accepted it as just a friendship. George’s respect for me and my married life was enormous and he apologized to me for something that he didn’t purposely do – making me fall for him. So, we stayed in touch with each other like friends.

I came on SL today after almost four years. In 2014, George and I suddenly lost track of each other. We were texting once in a while a few months before George’s disappearance since he was spending most of his time with his girlfriend in real life. But, then, all 2014 I never got a call or text or anything from him. I thought he had finally found his kind of love and forgot all about me. I deleted all the messages and pictures he had sent me. I felt betrayed. I don’t know why. Maybe because I never stopped loving him. That’s when I stopped coming on SL because even our good memories hurt. Just a few weeks before it was 2015, I called George’s mother (he gave me her number before) who told me that George had passed away in January, 2014 in an accident.

All I know is that George was the love of my life. No matter how good my husband is to me, I just don’t feel any love for him. He knows nothing about George and he never will. Since I learnt about my love’s death, I have been surviving by faking happiness before my family.


Do you want to talk about your worst SL experiences that have hurt you deeply? Do you love someone in SL and just cannot express your love to them? You can do it anonymously. Blog Veridical welcomes your Anonymous Confessions about SL. Submit them to

See you next week!


Alts of Second Life

Someone actually took the time to post information about a number of people’s respective main accounts and alts!



Just a tiny list of some knowed alts

1Terry Resident = Birdy Crystal, Lovely Juneberry
33vegosek33 Titanium = (4) Maya Maldor, Crispy Carissa, esirkalp07 Koray, cHucqy Falconer
1337Ninja Mode = Hellb0y Gothly

Agent Silverfall (KK) = Agent86 Silverfall, Agentin Silverfall, Richard Jierdon [COPYBOTER!!!]
anas Kimono = momo Actor [FORMER COPYBOTER!!!]
Ashley1985 Camel (KK) = (10) Lena Relait, Leila Lauria, DJaxel Paule, Ashley1985 Dunner, chrisi1982 Inshan, Kimy Bravin, andreas Ianem, Sarina Xenno, DJAxel Yven, sunshine Arriaga [FORMER COPYBOTER!!!]
Andy Naverre (KK) = Missy Xstar (KK) [GRIEFER!!!]
Aaliyah Avedon = Aaliyah Amaranth
Aaron75 Shippe = soony Core [gebannt]
Abbey Flanagan (KK) = (6) beckie Dover, Marie Donner, nikolai Jaggernov, Annie Andel, Renae Aldrin, Abbey Qunhua
Abby Lexico = (4) Iann Bernard, Hans Schwansen, April Oleander, Freddie Munoz
aBdOoN Oval = Xavi Wyx
Abel Fairey = kafee Iwish
Abril Iali = (5) Lolita Vervain, Eugenia Edwyn, Maximodi Carrasco, Markus Rinq, JeanPaul…

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What ever happened to learning in Second Life?

The school opened in November 2006. The biggest challenge is SL itself. It requires above-average computers, good internet connections, and it can be intimidating for new residents. Although the number of visitors has been steadily declining, the number of paying students has been steadily increasing.

That’s what Giovanni Tweak, the owner of DRIVE-THROUGH ESL, had to tell us about how his virtual school inworld was doing in 2017.

A sad fact is that Second Life consumes a lot of one’s time and attention if they get too involved in the play. It’s one of the reasons why we have so few people online at a time compared to the number of people worldwide with stable internet access.

Most people are not aware of the fact that Second Life can be a great place to learn a new language or subject. Educational aspect of this virtual world isn’t well advertised outside. When someone hears of Second Life, they usually think of the pixel porn, music venues, and weird sims with weirder people or the emptiness.

With virtual reality getting more and more advanced and affordable each year, we can only hope that the educational environment created by the small number of enthusiasts in Second Life doesn’t get lost completely.

Contest: Win 3k L$ writing the best erotica

Since it is almost the end of the year, we are going to have some fun! What’s better than winning an exciting contest just as a new year begins?

Prize offered: 3000 L$

What do you have to do? Write an erotic short story in no more than one thousand words. The story should somehow have Second Life in it. No pictures needed but you can send some if you like.

Deadline: December 28, 2017

How do we select the winner? The winning story will simply excite us the most.

Email your story to along with your Second Life username.

The winner’s username will be announced on 1 January, 2018


UPDATE: We received only a few submissions and they were so “rotten” that this year we are not awarding anyone anything for participating in our erotica writing competition. Thank You and Happy New Year!

Let Antreas Alter light up your Christmas

I don’t quite remember what took me to REAL Christmas lights decoration store but it was so different from going to any other inworld store. That place, literally, is magic…a fun experience.

What’s even more special about this store than the lights? The creator’s generosity. Antreas Alter (antreas.alter) was working on adding new things to his brilliantly illuminated land when I said hello to him. Besides being warmly welcoming, he immediately gifted me his best lights!

Absolutely notable is the following extract from one of his profile picks:

Thiefs: A new social approach by Antreas

Antreas understands
that some people may like and desire something,
but have no money to buy it.
Please do not steal / copybot / rip textures.
If you have no linden money, tell me,
i will send you what you liked, for free.

Do not become a REAL LIFE criminal for the sake of a game. Unauthorized reproduction of a texture in a virtual-world game is a real-world THEFT, can cost $30.000 per incident, its THAT serious crime.

Dont become a real life thief…

Talk to me.
Ask for what you like.

Visit REAL Christmas lights decoration store:

Real Waves Tropical Beach foam landscaping & Neon lights signs:

Facebook: @Antreas.Alter 


One of those crazy posts from Inworld Employment

inworld employment requirements (2)

And here’s why I call it crazy: 

People with Facebook profiles dedicated to their Second Life selves/avatars should read the last point on that page if they aren’t aware of it yet –

  • Pretending to be anything or anyone isn’t allowed.

And this particular Second Life job publicly demands its applicants to go against one of the Terms Of Service of the social media giant. Now what?

What’s wrong with Inworld Employment

Second Life’s Inworld Employment is definitely a funny place. You will find a number of clubs and brands promoting themselves in the name of seeking staffs but a person or a group of people looking for work usually get reported within hours if they happen to have a common name (a music band looking for gigs or a marketing agency looking for clients) and a link to their site in the forum post where information about their services and experiences are detailed. The latter is considered advertising by Linden Lab.

Inworld Employment has really helped me find out how many of those employers are just posting about jobs that they simply don’t offer anyone. If they do, the pay usually isn’t as promised in the job offering post. I generally come across job postings from those clubs and venues that are created today and won’t even last five minutes successfully. Just a few months ago, out of interest, I applied for one of those “fun jobs” only to end up doing  unpaid gigs since the employer who was about to pay “5k L$ a week” couldn’t successfully convert her real money to lindens due to “some temporary technical difficulties” that carried on for two months before she decided to leave her dying club and disappear.

Another employer who I found on the same forum hired me pretty quickly within days of applying for the position she was offering. So, when it was payday, she decided to pay me less than half of what I had signed up for. Why? “Because I couldn’t make any profit and my ex-husband who is also my business partner won’t give me any more.”

Should I also tell you about the boss who didn’t pay me at all after I greeted his clients for nearly eight hours straight and didn’t get any tips? No, he wasn’t supposed to pay me. But his job posting was this – “earn while you have fun! 100% tips!” Well, when I asked him for some lindens after working all those hours, his words to me were: Fun is guaranteed. Not tips. Why didn’t you mention that in your job posting?

I have many other such experiences of “getting hired” and it is safe to say that Inworld Employment is a remarkable place to do some free advertising if you can create a fake job position. “SL is SL. RL is RL” You can get away even if you fool your staff into thinking that you are going to pay them.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t genuine folks on that forum looking for people to help them in their endeavors. Happy searching!

What amount of people’s donations does Feed a Smile spend on Kenyan kids?

Live and Learn in Kenya‘s founder Brique Zeiner replies:

As Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l is a relatively small organization doing big things, we have a very good oversight of exactly what is going on and how donations are being used for our 465 – 480 children.

All donations go directly to Kenya. There is no paid “middleman/woman”. Everyone at LLK Int’l volunteers their time and energy. Only our Kenyan staff in Kenya are paid – but they have to live… and are extremely diligent. I’ve been working with most of the staff for over 16 years now. I am the founder and chairwoman of Live and Learn in Kenya.

You can see the results on an almost daily basis on Facebook. A lot more information is on our website.

The website is in the process of being totally updated and the new and improved version will go online mid-November. There will be a blog added to it.

You can check out some of our links below.

We have some awesome charity fundraisers with fantastic performers at the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile. See you there!

Visit Feed a Smile in Second Life:  event calender

Live and Learn in Kenya Website
Global Giving LLK School Construction:
Global Giving Child Sponsorship:
Global Giving – Build a Kitchen and Help Feed Hundreds of Smiles –
Global Giving – Let’s keep food on 480 children’s plates in Kenya
4th grade classroom dedication





Video about the school construction 2016