How to sponsor Blog Veridical

Blog Veridical challenges the drawbacks of Second Life or cyber culture and aims at bringing about equality inworld. We want to introduce you to many more talented personalities and the way they use metaverse to promote the important work they do in real life. Oh, and we also have contests!

As WordPress notifies us quite often: Your stats are booming! Our influence can be felt in several Second Life friends and art and culture groups on Facebook and Google+. You can check out our blog stats! It keeps rapidly GROWING.

Your creations and virtual endeavours matter to us. We don’t forget people who once believed in Blog Veridical.

So, we only ask for a one time rate of 1500 L$ to promote your business on our popular blog.

What we offer: Space for your business logo linked to your site/store on every page of Blog Veridical and a detailed post dedicated to your business in the Sponsored by section.

To know further details, send an email to