Should you stop supporting DJs who illegally play music?

Just yesterday I got into an ugly argument with some owner of one of those clubs in Second Life. Why? Just because I complained against a DJ who was spinning at that time hiding their tracks from local chat and couldn’t play a particular song I requested them. Many DJs do not take requests. If some of them happen to do so, the quality of their music suddenly declines (hilarious?) when they squeeze in that song at some point during their “mix”.

I was the one who took a DJing class from the co-owner of the same club only to learn how they illegally (playing copyrighted music without paying royalty fees and not bothering to verify if a legally obtained license is required to stream music inworld to an audience) spin music. Just rip it off youtube and hide the titles! Oh and you can also spin other real DJ’s live mixes all available on youtube. Be subtle and steal. SAM broadcaster doesn’t need to be legally downloaded. You can use free ones too. Those were some of the lessons taught by them. That’s how anybody can become a DJ in Second Life and start earning lindens that can be converted to real money. Okay. This is almost equal to hosts using automatic greeters instead of greeting people manually or clubs using bots to raise traffic. Oh and these DJs and club owners supporting them are immensely proud of themselves.

Isn’t it just better to listen to original music on youtube instead of supporting the illegal activity inworld? That way we can only have the most genuine DJs who exist in Second Life and way fewer clubs where hardly any set will ever go tipless.


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Why did you choose the skin colour your avatar is wearing now?

Recently I have been coming across discussions on social media about racial prejudice in Second Life. It is true that people are mostly attracted to curvy female and muscular male shapes with great quality skin. But, I have bumped into some who don’t care about your avatar’s skin. They want to know where you are originally from.

So, I happened to observe that one lady, whose avatar was white-skinned and all prettied up, striking a conversation in local with a man that stood his avatar close to hers. The man revealed that everyday he desperately searched for his “SL soulmate” at sandboxes and clubs. He even expressed his curiosity about the woman. But, when he learnt from her that she was born and raised somewhere in Southeast Asia, the man seemed to lose all interest in her. He never replied to her as soon as she mentioned her country’s name. Not even a “wow”. Instead, he began to compliment another person’s avatar that was a little far away from him and walked his up to it.

Then, for a few days, I went about asking whoever I met inworld one question: Why did you choose the skin colour your avatar is wearing now?

I liked one of the answers very much. It was a little different than those “Because I can” or “Just cause I like it and I look like this in rl” answers. It read:

“I chose this skin color cause I wanted to look different in SL than I really look. Doesn’t mean that i aint proud of my rl looks or who i really am. Sometimes u just want to be different and that’s all. hence, i am white in rl and brown in sl. maybe tomorrow i will be black and then asian another day….lol”


The National Space Society in Second Life

Space, the final frontier?  Well keeping space very much at the forefront of their second lives is the National Space Society (NSS).  This virtual fraction is part of a much bigger real life non-profit society dedicated to the creation of a space-faring civilization. Their vision is that in the future people will be living, working and thriving in communities beyond Earth and will use space and all its resources to make our lives much better.

Upon arrival at the sim, you will find yourself standing in a glass dome, surrounded by moon rocks and a floating satellite.  There are trees and other pleasantries on offer making you forget for a moment that this place is primarily about us living in space, but then perhaps that is the point.  There are multiple levels which you can access via a shuttle and that is when you start to feel really immersed into space life.

National Space Society – Photo by Jude Tatham

From looking at the educational posters all around and the attention to detail, you can see the enthusiasm the NSS has for their cause.  My only disappointment was the lack of visitors, which did make me wonder if perhaps this place was too real, if people in Second L are only really online for the virtual, the make believe and the pretend.

National Space Society – Photo by Jude Tatham

But as someone who knows little about space, I must say the prospect of humanity achieving what the NSS strives towards is more than a little exciting and I really think this sim is worth beaming up for.

Should Linden Lab take action against people who file false reports?

Talking to one of my friends inworld who got reported to Linden Lab by a Second Life Marketplace merchant just because he had typed a polite negative review about one of the merchant’s betraying products, makes me feel the need for Linden Lab to check people wrongly reporting innocent Residents of abuse.

“All I wrote was: why the tipjar is asking to share my account details with its creator which wasnt written in the description of the item on marketplace? I wasted 300L$. And that seller just IMed me saying they reported me for abuse! So, I should just give positive feedback or ignore even if the product I buy are not according to the description they gave!”

Another person I have known for years inworld encountered something similar last week. They were in search of a sponsor for their new club and had been IMing some designers who are well-known sponsors of fashion events in Second Life. They also messaged a few other not so popular creators whose products they quite frequently purchase and one of those merchants replied to the person’s civilized sponsorship request with, “I have just reported you to Linden Lab for fraud.”

Everyone, especially adults, should know that falsely accusing a person of abuse or fraud or any crime is a serious crime. One false report against an individual can be very disturbing to them. There are people with severe physical or mental problems who work or do business in Second Life solely to keep themselves occupied. The 3D world should just be a satisfying distraction to those who have a very trying real life. So, when someone is unreasonably harsh to such people, it becomes a real problem.

Although Linden Lab is not known to punish someone if there isn’t any evidence against them violating the Linden Lab’s Terms Of Service, paranoid strangers are a threat inworld.

What do you think?


Jean-François Réveillard: ‘There is no bad art and good art’

Jean-François Réveillard is an incredible contemporary artist from Switzerland whose artworks reveal his mastery of traditional and digital mixed media. He has kindly shared with us some amazing details of his art life!

How did you get into art?

I am in since the begining of my life, always drawing, painting, writing. To be an artist is a way of life, you can’t leave without, it’s your oxygene. My parents remember that they find me during night drawing on my pillow when i was a child, making some ” art somnambulism ” crisis ^^. it’s a kind of addiction mixed with passion, you need to use all your time for it. Making my first exhibition in Paris in 1980, i never stop to create, innovate and produce in different field of Art. Pionier in digital media, founder of one of the first webtv in 1997, making the first cross reality broadcast inside virtual world ten years ago, art is my life , and using all the creative tools is my daily contemporary work, actually i am deeply involve with 3Dprinting for my artwork. I like to define myself as a ” cross media picture maker “.

What are some of your favourite art projects you have worked on?

There is many, it’s impossible to choose, since the 80’s i have the chance to see all evolutions , with and without the digital tools, video, web, socialnetworks, virtual worlds, i prefer to speak about my actual work, making ” cross media ” installation using video, drawing, 3Dprinting that i show up during Basel art week and big art fair in Zurich for example. Cross media art is actually my field, i use a lot Virtual world for testing new idea, making some project for tomorow, i love also as a consultant for famous School and European Union some new idea and concept for Art and educational aspect mixing new technolgy and pedagogical aspect, i do so much things ….. but i have stop to draw on my pillow ^^.

What are you influenced by?

I have no influence , i try to be the most authentic in my work, it’s very deeply personal and need a lot of research sometimes like in my last works about particles and origines, i prefere to speak about inspiration rather than influence, nature, music, human, sciences are the foundation of my inspiration.

Do you think there are ‘good art’ and ‘bad art’?

There is good taste and bad taste for sure ^^. More seriously Art is deeply connected with cultural aspect, education, learning, and open mind or not, i think that to be an artist, to make art, is also a question of way of life, not only a question of quality of your production, there is no bad art and good art, there is professional art, and amator art. The art that you do for living your life, and the art that you do as a hobby, maybe it’s a definition for making some difference between categories of art if there is.

What kind of reaction do you expect from people who view your artworks?

I do exhibition and specially big art fair in order to have discussion with the public, to explain my work, i love to share with public, i am happy when they understand, i am very happy when they have emotion in front, and also happy when they buy it.

What are your thoughts on the Second Life art community?

Second life is a good oportunity for amators to show up work and make a sort of roleplay to be a daily artist. The number of professional and real artist is very small, maybe because it’s time consuming, personnaly i use Second Life as a sort of laboratory, and experimental media for my artwork, also an opportunity to show what we can do with it tomorow as a media, like the Virtual contemporary art fair that i produce, or pedagogical experimentation with Ellinogermaniki greek school.

Visit Virtual Contemporary Art Fair:

Visit JfR Studio – Art – Atelier – Gallery – festival – Music – , Science:


Inspirational Hippy Dave

The owner of Poor Person Productions record label, Dave Tor, best known as Hippy Dave, has a motivational space in the virtual world of Second Life. I am not sure how exactly you will be influenced by it all. But I discovered this man and his jaw dropping youtube channel as I was searching for crazy places inworld. (Yeah, I have a habit of reading land owners’ profiles!)

There are certain things in our universe that just cannot be described in words. This very man’s youtube channel is one of them :

Oh watch this one:

I think his videos are uniquely original and ridiculously psychedelic. You will always learn a new or old thing or two by watching them.

Visit POOR PERSON PRODUCTIONS Record Label – Music, Film, Books & Fun, Boseong