Do you want to look like your avatar in real life?

Just a few days ago, I asked a number of strangers in Second Life the very question. So many people invest quite a considerable amount of time, money, and emotions in their respective avatars. Naturally, if people could edit their shapes in real life to look more and more attractive, why wouldn’t they? So, I wanted to learn from one of those individuals with a stunning human avatar how content they were to be in their real body. A number of women whose avatars resembled Victoria’s Secret’s “perfect body” had claimed that they already look like that in real life. Someone said that they made their avatar after their real appearance when they were twenty. There were people who said that they had tried to make their avatar look somewhat like their “real selves” but “more presentable”. Another person informed me that their avatar looked like their real mother who had died years ago.

Following are just the few related chat extracts that I found pretty intriguing…




If I could change my physical features, yes I would. But, I don’t want to look like my avatar which is a giant spider right now.

Read the title of this post again and let us know your answer?


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