when a ban Muddy’s the situation

I go to clubs to meet people. Never for the music. So, anyway, not even a day ago, I teleported my avatar to this club. The main club building was a minute’s walk or a few seconds’ run away from the landing point. Was flying allowed? Nope.

Within three seconds of my avatar entering the building, walking past the owner that stood their avatar close to the entrance, I got banned. No the avatar wasn’t a few days old or wearing any of those….what you call…suspicious items. Here’s the innocent one’s picture:


And here’s an excerpt from the surprising conversation with the owner of such a well-known music club in Second Life…

ice_screenshot_20170930-221418 - Copy

Despite telling them that I had come over there just to chat with people, they carried on their silent treatment. Blocked.

Moral of this story? Make your avatar look like most others’ (sexy and all) inworld and you’re good.


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6 thoughts on “when a ban Muddy’s the situation

  1. Nardane Galicia

    You should have added the name of the club to this post. They’d deserve it! And it’s not slander cause it’s the truth. At least you now know which club doesn’t deserve your presence!

    – Nathaniel


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