“Second Life is adults playing with pixel dolls”

I decided to interview a noob. I was on my mission to find someone genuinely new and not an alt. I got lucky pretty soon at sandbox island. The noob asked me not to publish their username. So I am just going to call them noob.

Me: What do you think of this world so far?

Noob: First of all, I think this is a play. Second Life is adults playing with pixel dolls – dressing them, bathing them, taking them out to pubs and hangouts, roleplaying being their avatar….

Me: That’s an interesting way to see this world, I must say.

Noob: Sure. What else should I think of it? It’s pretty amazing that so many adults get with someone only ’cause they like their avatar! You know what, I met this man who kept messaging me and saying that he was pretty sure I could be his real wife stalking him inworld! My God. Wasn’t even a week I took birth! Lol

Me: What can be the advantages of this play?

Noob: Well…..I think people who have suffered a big loss in their real life or are in pain need this distraction.

Me: Yes, in fact there are many disabled individuals to whose lives this “play” adds some meaning.

Noob: That’s cool. I think in like a few weeks I have seen strange things.

Me: Like?

Noob: People craving for Second Life family life. I have overheard people talking about feeding their “SL babies” and putting them to sleep. I thought they were joking about the whole family thing. So I typed a “hahaha” in local and got into a little trouble. One of those people shouted, “Shut up, you little noob!” I actually think that people who are able-bodied with opportunities to live better real lives, should actually aim at making their real lives as much fun instead of wasting their time in here.

Me: Do you know many people meet their real-life partner or friend here?

Noob: Yes, I watched a number of documentaries and read published pieces about this game. I don’t know about meeting partners and all but I definitely can see that a lot of retired old people who have the abilities to make a significant influence in the real world in their free time are getting too serious with this game. For them this game should be like a small stress-relief break or a learning experience to carry out a real world business or work or something like that. But the fancy clothes and hats and stuffs for avatars fuel the craze of spending lots and lots of money on decorating a pixel doll. To sum up things, this play is very healthy for some and dangerous for some.

Me: So, you think the creators of attractive content in Second Life are to be blamed for people wasting their time with their avatars?

Noob: Yes, and also those people refer to the avatar as “me” or “i” instead of “it”. That’s another amazing thing I noticed.

Me: How old are you, again?

Noob: Twenty


6 thoughts on ““Second Life is adults playing with pixel dolls”

  1. Wow . Yet this person themselves went in and were already a week old and stayed? lol
    I wonder why they stayed after the first day when they see it so negatively. What would be the point. Unless of course they do see snippets of what others may see.
    I believe only time spent getting to know people etc will a mind see what more there is to a virtual world.
    We refer to our avatars in a personal manner, well because behind that avatar is our person.
    Really good interview from a different perspective.


  2. interesting.. “It”… I am not a “IT” its me.. I control the avi.. and.. she was only 20yrs old, another interesting thing… I am sure she will see be in SL in a yr… its too much interesting things .. sims to explore, music, people and the friendships to be made…


  3. “Yes, I watched a number of documentaries and read published pieces about this game.”
    Which ones?
    And that’s not a noob. That’s an alt of someone unhappy in their SL experience pulling your leg. Or a griefer. You met them at a sandbox. Come on…


    1. there r many docu s and texts all over the internet about SL thats how a lot of people come to know about sl in the first place…like me
      noob or not thats wat they think
      many students joining after watching or reading about sl to do research on it….


    2. it is true that there are griefers with this kind of disconnect, as they act like they do without even trying to learn any other side but their own.. they don’t take a good look at the depth of SL or the various reasons people use it, nor the walks of life people come from.. if the person interviewed had a more varied or tolerant view, i’d be more inclined to trust in something like this.. the interviewer could’ve stopped more than 1 newcomer and asked them questions


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