Why did you choose the skin colour your avatar is wearing now?

Recently I have been coming across discussions on social media about racial prejudice in Second Life. It is true that people are mostly attracted to curvy female and muscular male shapes with great quality skin. But, I have bumped into some who don’t care about your avatar’s skin. They want to know where you are originally from.

So, I happened to observe that one lady, whose avatar was white-skinned and all prettied up, striking a conversation in local with a man that stood his avatar close to hers. The man revealed that everyday he desperately searched for his “SL soulmate” at sandboxes and clubs. He even expressed his curiosity about the woman. But, when he learnt from her that she was born and raised somewhere in Southeast Asia, the man seemed to lose all interest in her. He never replied to her as soon as she mentioned her country’s name. Not even a “wow”. Instead, he began to compliment another person’s avatar that was a little far away from him and walked his up to it.

Then, for a few days, I went about asking whoever I met inworld one question: Why did you choose the skin colour your avatar is wearing now?

I liked one of the answers very much. It was a little different than those “Because I can” or “Just cause I like it and I look like this in rl” answers. It read:

“I chose this skin color cause I wanted to look different in SL than I really look. Doesn’t mean that i aint proud of my rl looks or who i really am. Sometimes u just want to be different and that’s all. hence, i am white in rl and brown in sl. maybe tomorrow i will be black and then asian another day….lol”



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