The National Space Society in Second Life

Space, the final frontier?  Well keeping space very much at the forefront of their second lives is the National Space Society (NSS).  This virtual fraction is part of a much bigger real life non-profit society dedicated to the creation of a space-faring civilization. Their vision is that in the future people will be living, working and thriving in communities beyond Earth and will use space and all its resources to make our lives much better.

Upon arrival at the sim, you will find yourself standing in a glass dome, surrounded by moon rocks and a floating satellite.  There are trees and other pleasantries on offer making you forget for a moment that this place is primarily about us living in space, but then perhaps that is the point.  There are multiple levels which you can access via a shuttle and that is when you start to feel really immersed into space life.

National Space Society – Photo by Jude Tatham

From looking at the educational posters all around and the attention to detail, you can see the enthusiasm the NSS has for their cause.  My only disappointment was the lack of visitors, which did make me wonder if perhaps this place was too real, if people in Second L are only really online for the virtual, the make believe and the pretend.

National Space Society – Photo by Jude Tatham

But as someone who knows little about space, I must say the prospect of humanity achieving what the NSS strives towards is more than a little exciting and I really think this sim is worth beaming up for.


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