Should Linden Lab take action against people who file false reports?

Talking to one of my friends inworld who got reported to Linden Lab by a Second Life Marketplace merchant just because he had typed a polite negative review about one of the merchant’s betraying products, makes me feel the need for Linden Lab to check people wrongly reporting innocent Residents of abuse.

“All I wrote was: why the tipjar is asking to share my account details with its creator which wasnt written in the description of the item on marketplace? I wasted 300L$. And that seller just IMed me saying they reported me for abuse! So, I should just give positive feedback or ignore even if the product I buy are not according to the description they gave!”

Another person I have known for years inworld encountered something similar last week. They were in search of a sponsor for their new club and had been IMing some designers who are well-known sponsors of fashion events in Second Life. They also messaged a few other not so popular creators whose products they quite frequently purchase and one of those merchants replied to the person’s civilized sponsorship request with, “I have just reported you to Linden Lab for fraud.”

Everyone, especially adults, should know that falsely accusing a person of abuse or fraud or any crime is a serious crime. One false report against an individual can be very disturbing to them. There are people with severe physical or mental problems who work or do business in Second Life solely to keep themselves occupied. The 3D world should just be a satisfying distraction to those who have a very trying real life. So, when someone is unreasonably harsh to such people, it becomes a real problem.

Although Linden Lab is not known to punish someone if there isn’t any evidence against them violating the Linden Lab’s Terms Of Service, paranoid strangers are a threat inworld.

What do you think?



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