A Chat With Artist Grazietta Cazenove

The Italian artist Grazietta Cazenove talks to Blog Veridical about her passion, the artists who influence her, and the future of traditional art in virtual reality. 

Looking for sun
Looking for sun by Grazietta Cazenove

Why did you become an artist?

Grazietta Cazenove: In RL my job is to teach Literature, History and Geography but I approached to Art in early age , playing piano for over ten years and writing poetry, with whom I participated in some competitions in RL and once in SL. The discovery of painting, get involved with brushes and canvas, for me it was and is pure relief, discovery of my inner and deeper knowledge of myself. My RL is very busy but as soon as I have some time I like to take the brushes and dip me in the colors.


Are there any artists that inspire your work?

Grazietta Cazenove: Yes, there are many artists who inspired me from Monet to Magritte, Frida Kahlo but also the great French illustrator Rèbecca Dautremer. In all her work there is always a lot of fantasy and a pinch of magic, also present in my paintings. Infact I’m convinced that an artist never sees things as they really are and painting is synonymous of self-discovery : I paint what I am and also what I dream.

Sunset by Grazietta Cazenove

What are some of your favourite art styles?

Grazietta Cazenove: Preferably oil painting but sometimes also watercolors and digital art.

Stars by Grazietta Cazenove

Compared to the expenses of setting up and maintaining an art gallery inworld, approximately what monetary profit does an artist make in this real cash economy MMO (Second Life)?

Grazietta Cazenove: As far as I’m concerned, monetary profit does not matter much. During some art exhibitions it’s easier for some visitors to buy my paintings, sometimes this also happens in my gallery and anyway this profit is not enough to keep land and gallery. What I’m really interested in is sharing my work, so my experience in the metaverse and the encouragement of the people who love me convinced me to share my work in SL . When i put on paper or canvas a thought, a dream or something real, seen with my eyes or perceived by the imagination, my concern is not that the others understand but that, looking at those traits and colors, they are able to get excited and to give a personal interpretation of what catches their eye from my paintings.

The Departure by Grazietta Cazenove

Now that Sansar is open to all, what does the future of traditional art look like to you in Sansar?

Grazietta Cazenove: I believe that traditional art has no borders and cannot be limited by anything and nobody. I just logged in Sansar, now just for curiosity, but I believe that it will be possible to share traditional art there too.


Visit Grazietta Cazenove’s OCEAN INSIDE ME GALLERY in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meridian%20Bay/40/140/21


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