Núria Vives: ‘SL art events are more quiet’

The Catalan painter, illustrator, and writer Núria Vives ,who also goes by the name Xirana, has quite a picturesque art gallery exhibiting her enthralling art work in Second Life. 

Xirana's Art Gallery SL_002
Xirana/Núria Vives’ XirArt Gallery in Second Life

When did you start making art?

Xirana/ Núria Vives: I don’t remember a special moment in which I started to paint. When I was very young I painted, I used to write stories and also learned to play guitar. But I decided to concentrate in just one form of expression to try to get more skilled in it. Now with my children’s books I do combine writing and painting (illustrating). In my webpage you can see exemples of my work: http://nuriavives.com/

What/who influences you to paint?

Xirana/ Núria Vives: Creativity for me is a circular process. It gets its fuel from experiences (also SL experiences) and emotions but at the same time, when you try to draw them, the drawings, sketches, or colors you are using, open and suggest new ways to explore.

How and when did you discover the Second Life art world?

Xirana/ Núria Vives: I dicovered Second Life through Goethe Institut when looking for a German Course online. Then, after a while, I started exploring more places. Usually you find people that is happy to help you and teach you how SL works and all possibilitites you have here, also to prepare exhibits and to know what other artists do.

Have you had a memorable experience as an artist inworld that you want to talk about?

Xirana/ Núria Vives: I’ve been doing exhibits of my paintings regularly in Second Life and, as I‘ve started to write and illustrate children’s books, I’ve also done some presentations of the books here. I do participate in Art projects when I am invited. A lot of times it is a way to work on different matters than the ones I usually do. So, my Second Life experience always has been stimulating and SL is a nice world to share what I do.

Video about Xirana/ Núria Vives’ Children’s book presentation in Second Life

Not a lot of people frequent the art galleries in Second Life these days. What do think about it?

Xirana/ Núria Vives: I suppose there are a lot of reasons. Probably it all started when SL changed its rules in relation to artists and creators rights. People went to other 3D worlds, OpenSim, Craft, Metropolis…also because you can play with a lot more prims for your creations and the cost is really cheaper. I use to go to the Hypergrid Safari (https://hgsafari.blogspot.com.es/) every Wednesday and I see a lot of people coming to each event to know what other artists are creating. It is good you can also ‘travel’ to different grids with the same avatar. So, maybe in SL art events are more quiet, but anyway, 3D worlds creativity is very alive.


Visit Xirana/ Núria Vives’ XirArt Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cassowarry/73/154/60

Check out Xirana/ Núria Vives’ websites: 



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