Knowing Enjolie Mccullough

Artist Enjolie Mccullough is the owner of Evolve Art Gallery in Second Life. The gallery is composed of her vivid paintings that interested me to learn about the painter. 

When and how did you discover the artist in you?

Enjolie Mccullough: It was in 2015 when I began painting during Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Beach (1)
The wave by Enjolie Mccullough

What media do you mostly use?

Enjolie Mccullough: Acrylic on canvas

Cannabis Field by Enjolie Mccullough

How do you choose a subject to paint?

Enjolie Mccullough: I just sit down with the blank canvas, and I start to think about the mood I am in and what I want to capture.

Night fishing by Enjolie Mccullough

Is there a specific message that you want your body of work to convey?

Enjolie Mccullough: I want it to make people happy. I love using bright colors for that very reason!

Meteor Shower by Enjolie Mccullough

How has Second Life influenced your art?

Enjolie Mccullough: It has allowed me to reach a broader audience and show it to people around the world, not just people in my town or state.

What do you think of the art market in Second Life? Is trying to sell paintings inworld profitable?

Enjolie Mccullough: It isn’t profitable in a sense that I make a ton of money, but it is rewarding to me because I get to share my talent with so many people of different cultures across the globe

Visit Evolve Art Gallery:


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