A Singular Interview with Moya Patrick

Just a day ago, I discovered the wonderfully strange Moya Island, that has existed for 10 years in Second Life, created and owned by the internationally acclaimed Nice-based artist Moya Patrick. He has been very kind to answer my questions and send me photos and videos related to his fascinating art life for Blog Veridical!

What, according to you, should be regarded as ‘art’?

Moya Patrick: Art is the experience of media coverage. How a human being goes through different forms of media. The work is what remains of this crossing. I try to cross all possible mediums and there are more or less virtual works. When I use paintings there are still paintings and when I use second life there is almost nothing left.

Exhibition the “Moya civilization” in Cannes. Virtual meeting with real visitors.

How did your relationship with art develop?

Moya Patrick: Very young (in the 70s) I did comics but I quickly realized that I had to become the creature rather than the creator. During my art studies I used live television for escaping the history of art and being only the character inside the work. And I posed 10 years as a nude model for schools of fine arts.


How would you like to describe your style of art?

Moya Patrick: I try to have all styles. Style is a limit to creation. One of the last possibilities left to the artist of contemporary art is freedom. I also want to have mastery of all the possibilities offered by art so that my choices are free and not imposed by technical incapacities.


How did the art movement “Ecole de Nice” inspire you? What has been your role in it?

Moya Patrick: I was integrated into this “movement” for exhibitions in Japan and Korea but it is a controversial subject and not everyone agrees. There is anyway a Niçois spirit that corresponds to me with a certain lightness and an immateriality which is what I seek.

Exhibition “Ecole de Nice” Meguro Museum Tokyo

Do you want to tell us about your alter ego, “Moya”, that is prominent on a number of your art work?

Moya Patrick: It is the character that is useful to me to live my creature role in most of the media

Moya, Moya, Moya, Moya, Moya ….

What is the most remarkable artistic work you have done in all your years?

Moya Patrick: My virtual universe of second life that allows me to live inside the work

Moya Land Second Life

What is your favourite experience as an artist so far?

Moya Patrick: To make guided tours of my universe in the evening to avatars of the 5 continents

Tourist guide Moya

What are your thoughts on the Second Life art world? Does its future look bright to you?

Moya Patrick: Making art in Second Life is still an imitation of contemporary art found in museums. And even when we make works impossible to realize in reality it is an imitation of methods, processes, contemporary art. Second Life does not interest me to create works but to be finally the creature that lives inside his work. The works created in second life are like the buildings the sky or the sea. They are objects necessary to the construction of an immersive environment. We are at a turning point identical to that of the introduction of perspective and the camera obscura of Vermeer. The Italian critic Mario Gerosa summarized it very well by the title of the exhibition he organized in Florence in 2009 with artists of second life “virtual renaissance” “Rinascimento virtuale”


Patrick Moya’s website: http://www.moyapatrick.com/
Follow Patrick Moya on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/moya.patrick/

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