” My weird dreams became true “

They all laugh at me

and whisper ” she’s weird “

Dad says : Earth is our planet. The Moon is not our.

But daddy i love the moon

My daughter ! stay away from dreams that aren’t yours.

Mom is shouting :


but Mommy I love rabbits

I wish I can see them talking

My friends said you’re psycho, you’ll stay alone.

Why we see the rainbow but we can’t walk on it !

I’m asking myself : do I have to stay alone and sad !

but i found the answer

I touched the Moon with my alien friend

and with my talking rabbits friends, I walked on Rainbow

also, I took a pic with a titan pizza in the city of clouds

I’m not alone, I happy

In this wonderful world

Second Life ♥

Submitted by dreminasticGold Resident


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