Racism subtly breathes in SL

Right. All a host at a club had to do was start a discussion about robot serving food at Multan pizzeria.  “He studied electrical engineering at an university in Islamabad and now modernizing his father’s pizzeria! Pretty bold but would you like to be served by a human or a robot?” asked the host, attempting  to get those afkish people at the classic rock music club all chatty about how old school human waiters are way better than technology serving food.

And then, after an awkward pause, someone from the crowd replied, “Let’s not take after a nation that justifies pedophilia!”  Silence followed.

So, I went about asking people after people in SL if they had experienced racism of any degree inworld. That’s how I came across this particular clubber who was kind enough to anonymously share his painful experience with us.

I used to work as a DJ at a dance club about 3 years ago. There was this one American VIP who was a big tipper at that club. Once he and his SL family got banned for his SL wife did something which wasn’t allowed in that club. She brought her babies and rp (roleplay) kids. That man threatened the club owner telling them that he would definitely grief the sim. He wanted me to quit my job there to boycott the club. When I didn’t do that, he went all racist on me..calling me all kinds of bad names…endless verbal abuse followed as I didn’t do something he wanted me to do. I became very upset and didn’t tell anybody a word about it. I know not all Americans are like that. But, due to that incident, I don’t friend them easy now. I am all proud of my race, religion, and culture and I know I shouldn’t be affected by someone’s negative views about me. It hurt back then for some reason. I don’t know what. Now it doesn’t bother me in the least because no one else knows me or my great culture better than I do.




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