Club Workers Exploited!

Almost every Resident, seasoned or not, in Second Life seems to be an avid clubber. Typing out gestures in local chat, eyeing titillating avatars nearby, and aiming to start one of those private IMs that may lead to pixel love making, are wonted ways in which people make themselves feel detached from their respective realities.

Clubs are nothing without a high traffic daily. And clubs that use bots to fake traffic are a failure. People don’t like working at those places. Now, being a club worker is no easy job. You don’t just require a good mass communication skill. The passion to enhance the club’s fame inworld by devoting to the club a remarkable number of hours is what someone aiming to be a host or DJ must have.

What about these workers? They are not getting what they deserve. It doesn’t matter if they want to get it or not. The fact that club work is limited to a “non-serious pixel world” where people just go to distract themselves from their real problems is no excuse for club owners to exploit their workers in this fashion.

Exploit is the right word. Apart from the really popular few clubs, every club you go to has a familiar scene. What’s that? A DJ spinning music and a host typing their fingers off in local chat with the hope that the lindens they make will be worth their hard work and real expense (internet and electricity bills for the times they work inworld). Their tip jars never lie. What is the average income of a worker per set of two whole hours and sometimes three (forgetting the half an hour preparation time prior to the set)? 300L$ for a host and about 400L$ for a DJ in one of the top 10 most popular clubs. Yes, the truth is, many hosts and some DJs don’t even make lindens worth one whole US dollar. Whenever I go to a club, I have to face the same pity inducing situation every time. Hosts are almost begging for lindens for the DJ and the club. Sometimes their tip boxes show 0L$ or 50L$ even if I land towards the end of a set. Oh, I go to the well known clubs only.

If you are a club owner, you should not expect a VIP to pay the staff that you hire to run your own business (club). Sometimes some people working some particular shift make a lot of lindens while the workers of the next shift start faking the enthusiasm after over an hour of making next to nothing or simply nothing. Some people have inworld families and friends who tip them well while ignoring the other staff putting in the same effort. There are workers who tip each other the same amount. You see the problem here? Oh, a few clubs don’t even pay their managers!

Now, any long time Second Life Resident will know how frequently new clubs spring up every other day. You can earn quite a lot of lindens doing the first few shifts after inauguration. However, the club will possibly be dead in no time.

The conclusion? If you run a club and expect your staff to abide by all your rules, make sure you pay them “equally” for their time and work. Tips should just be considered an extra. Exploitation of the club workers is equally pathetic to the fun loving party people who are reminded about one of the major problems of our real society as they happen to see the tip jars.



3 thoughts on “Club Workers Exploited!

  1. I am not a club owner, nor do I even pwn a sim. But what I think your missing in your article here is how much they pay to own a sim every single month. which is well over $300.00 per month. Real life, cold hard cash. That doesn’t cover the additional expenses of actually setting up the sim in a way that patrons can enjoy and want to return to. By the time all is said and done a kings ransom is paid out for every sim you see.


    1. dude, it doesnt matter how much club owners are paying..if they just want it to be a venue giving djs and hosts a chance to show their talent or whatever then they should make it open for all and no staff rules…why have staff group and police the staff what 2 do and all that if you cant even pay the staff for their time …stupid indeed …dont have a club if u cant pay ur workers…can u imagine in rl a boss saying they cant pay their staffs well cause of a huge establishment fee and that they will pay them when their business becomes profitable? rl or sl doesnt matter when we work anywhere we give our time and attention to the work and we deserve to get paid accordingly …


  2. To finish my thought above,…
    The club owners/sim owners have already forked out a great deal of money for the DJ’s & Hosts just to HAVE a venue to work their trade in worlde. Now, when and IF the club becomes profitable, I do believe the club’s should start paying a salary to their employee’s. But the point is, there is much more to this story you have posted than just the workers side. I hope I have made a better understanding for you.


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