I go clubbing as a dark fat avatar and some people are alarmed

“I want to be a Second Life super model!” exclaimed I sarcastically, setting my cyber fatness on a dance pad.

“Oh you can be anything you want in this world, hun,” explained the matriarch of a family whose every member had got easily hired as the host or the DJ, by the club’s owner in no time.

I came across this reality in a virtual world when I started going to work at clubs as a black fat avatar with very little hair on her head. Here’s the picture:

ice_screenshot_20170520-152715.png The feet are pretty big too. Yes.

Or sometimes being this


Most clubbers found it funny. Some thought it was hilariously weird.  One or two people IMed me to say how much they liked me because I chose to be “heavier” than the others.

“I am still looking for a boyfriend,” says the chubby avatar in a busy club.

“You are too sexy to have a boyfriend…LOL” is the usual reply she gets from the party ladies shaking their “sexy” meshes. Mesh has always been a mess on my screen. Heads here. Legs there. Hands from the buttocks freely swinging in an open space. So I have developed a strong dislike towards it.

“OMG hides!!!” and “Loool” are the responses from men.

So far, very very few have told me: “The heart is all that matters.” However, they themselves have also openly admitted to the fact that they wouldn’t stay in a relationship with someone, no matter how good the individual is, who cannot give them the pleasure they think they deserve. Most of the time, as you may know, the talk is all about sex in a biker themed club.

“Don’t wear that on stage,” said a DJ minutes before I was going to host him. The club didn’t have any rule that meant: “Don’t be fat and unattractive to most people.” Or… “Don’t look like a big fat blowup doll.”

In another futuristic moderate zoned club, the gaffer had the following message for me…

ice_screenshot_20170521-131509.png So, being all dedicated to your work isn’t enough. You do not meet that “standard” if you look unsexy to the others around you!




ice_screenshot_20170521-131637.png Ah ha..that’s like asking, “So, they think I am a terrorist because I wear the Burqa?” Perhaps I need to begin the Second Life version of the “All Muslims are not terrorists” movement. It can be “All people with weird unattractive avatars are not griefers.”

There are so many inworld who have tried their best to lure me into getting an attractive mesh avatar that looks more or less like everyone else’s. Out of curiousity, I went to work one day as a usual sexy female avatar with the right curves and breast size. Surprisingly, I received IMs that praised my “unparalleled creativity”.

It all happens in Second Life –

“Your World. Your Imagination.”



2 thoughts on “I go clubbing as a dark fat avatar and some people are alarmed

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  2. canadiantease

    well sadly, SL is like that…VAST majority of griefers and trolls have unusual avatar and I personally have met only single person with that kinda avatar that was not troll or griefer, most of them trying to justify their looks and make “normal” avatars feel like misjudging them but at the end…they always show their true face, in popular clubs such people scare off the traffic so throughout all those years SL exists people has just become paranoid and suspicious about them


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