6 Types of People I remember from SL

It does not take much time for an individual, who would otherwise get devoured by a constantly expanding emotional lacuna, to make Second Life the kernel of their existence.

A number of dedicated Residents may loathe the use of the word ‘game’ when trying to define Second Life. Its creator, Linden Lab, objects to it as well. According to them, Second Life is “an entirely open-ended experience.”

This virtual world has come to the rescue for many trying to disregard their daily real challenges. However, I am going to start typing about the notably uncanny types of people I have come across so far on Second Life save pixel sex-curious noobs and trolls.

The Sandbox Serious Griefighter

Their main aim is to child around gesturbating like an adult at their favourite sandbox, of course. They are always paying a little too much attention to sounds and strangers’ avatars rezzing around them lest they should get griefed. Some individuals of this kind often simply pretend to fight the griefers by toying with their ‘objects’, secretly hoping that their unnerved friend takes some action against the ones wasting their playtime. You might find them setting Jesus on fire, mocking religions  and certain physical disabilities of human beings, and comparing griefers to terrorists. No, they are not bad. They will entertain you and may even buy you stuffs from marketplace if they find you have been good to them! They don’t care about your race, religion, avatar, or even the kind of personality you have. Did I mention how different they look from the regular Jack and Jill of SL? Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/user/mukDumpling

The Serial Polygamist

is the type of individual who marries in Second Life uncountable times despite being partnered in real life. Their chat history is composed of syrupy love notes to too many different cyber lovers. Such a person is never satisfied with a better half probably because they are looking for the best that doesn’t exist!

The Rude Tradehead

They may not have a clear understanding of all posting rules in the business section of SL Forum, but they take no time to disparage their competitors on there. Some of them appear to be seasoned Second Life businesspersons who simply don’t profit much these days. Instead of politely correcting a new community member repeatedly posting their business in the wrong forum, these people ensure that the member’s trade comes to an abrupt end.

The Versatile Lover

Who hasn’t heard of people having 31 children in SL? I am talking about families that Residents create inworld. Usually ten of those thirty kids they have are alts of the patriarch or matriarch in one typical Second Life “family”. “I am glad you killed Razor…I never enjoyed sex with him…I like you as Mark now! I like this side of yours…You as Razor wasn’t working… Mark is a good son…” said a sixty something year old lady a week after getting married to some moneyed club owner in Second Life! To sum up, you can be the father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, in-laws, and partner to one person alone!

The Atoner

Can you imagine some people just go to that virtual world to solely atone for their real life sins? “I have wronged my real friends and family…I am too alone now. I only want to be forgiven by God…I believe being with you through thick and thin is the only way God will forgive me..” anxiously typed one rock club manager, who I still know nothing of, to me.

The Virtual Virgin

I could type a book called How To Be A Virgin in Second Life but you wouldn’t read something like that. So, the other day a Resident proudly stated that he had been an “SL virgin” for years because he believed in purity. That man went from one club to another searching for the one woman avatar worth losing his precious pixel virginity to…However, a brilliant idea from a cyber sex veteran leaked in local chat box at some point. It read: “If you ever regret sleeping with the wrong person in SL, just change your avatar to regain your virginity and start afresh.”



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